LiDAR Wind Assessment Services


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Successful wind development requires the reduction or elimination of risk including wind assessment uncertainties.  To accurately bid - and succeed in financing wind projects - developers must provide wind resource data verified to the highest possible level of certainty.

Avro’s new LiDAR Wind Assessment Service combined with a certified wind engineer can provide our clients a new secure method of verifying wind data to a level of certainty not possible for standard met towers or predictive software.  Think of LiDAR as a portable “virtual met tower.”   The LiDAR unit can measure wind data from 10m to 200m height - and do this from any designated project location.  

Clients can deploy our rent/lease LiDAR service in a number of profitable ways.  LiDAR can be used to “sample” a project area - or to virtually “extend the height” of any met mast.   The technology can also be used to determine wind characteristics at any proposed turbine location.  With up to 5 height settings, LiDAR can be used (for example) to verify wind speeds at hub height -  and at rotor top and bottom.   Use of LiDAR is certified by leading wind engineering consultancies.  It creates financeable reports and constitutes legitimate wind exploration expense.

Our rent/lease LiDAR Wind Assessment Service requires use of a certified third-party wind engineer for both planning and data assessment.   Under Avro’s confidential operating protocols, we remain an equipment provider only and can recommend certified independent wind engineers who can work with the client on confidential basis.   All data flows from the LiDAR program are to the client’s wind engineer for analysis and reporting. 

Please contact us we can provide more information on how Avro’s LiDAR technology can securely provide bankable benefits to your project and corporation.
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